Review Aleya Michelle “Breaking My Heart”



Breaking My Heart
by: Aleya Michelle
Genre: Romance/MA
What happens when the one you thought you would spend forever with decides that ‘he still loves you but is not ready to settle down’ he tells you ‘maybe we will meet again later in life’. Ouch now that hurts.
Would you let go? Would you give up? Or would you fight with every ounce of your soul…….
Roxy is a fighter, she is strong and independent. Definitely not one to let her guard down, she has been burnt too many times! Her stone walls are unbreakable……. Well at least they were……
The new guy that she meets Kade, is cute, sweet, and innocent and would make a good toy to play with. He blushes when she gets near him.
Will Roxy chew him up and spit him out or will he break down her walls and find the map to her heart……..




First off I need to point out.
1. This is set in Sydney, Australia.
2. It’s written by an Aussie.
3. And it is actually WRITTEN in Australian!
I loved loved loved the fact the characters got in Kade’s Ute.
They ordered pots at the pub.
They went to the supermarket.
And visited the Chemist.
You’re prob thinking WTF Kellie?

Ok I’ll translate that from Aussie into American.
Ute = Truck
Pub = Pub.. I’m pretty sure you have them, but always seem to order something in a glass.
(Unless it’s a posh pub we just drink out of a glass! lol )
Supermarket = Grocery store.
Chemist = Drugstore.
Nothing shits me more than when I’m reading a book set in Australia and they get in their “trucks” and drive to the “drug store”.
Because to me I imagine this.

 photo truck_zps3f2ca4d7.jpg +  photo drugstore_zps49a90d13.jpg

I have no problem with it, if I’m reading an American book. But yes we do seem to have our own language down here and it’s nice to see people use it!
So for that alone Aleya,  photo happyclap_zps2ad6d4f0.gif I love you!

Ok as per the book.
I liked it, I really did. Did I love it though? No.
I will explain why.

Roxy is a bit umm. Promiscuous. *cough* slutty *cough* Yeah we’ll go with that.
So one night while out in Sydney she meets Kade and asks him back to her place, he does the one thing she wasn’t expecting. He turns her down and asks her for a date instead.

What follows in a beautifully written romance.

Kade is a white knight, gentlemen, old school, younger and a sexy shy surfer/tradie. He’s on the inexperienced side of life but he knows he wants Roxy, and his Surfing. He’s in training to become a pro surfer.

Roxy, is a wildcat, loves sex, partying, her BFF and loves her job, she just doesn’t trust guys. However she slowly lets her walls down around Kade.

And when she does it’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship. You can feel the chemistry between these two. Even Kade’s awkwardness/shyness comes out and you can’t help awwwwwing at him sometimes, while smiling so big cos you’re happy for him

However Kade’s rising fame in the surfing world and Roxy’s past come back and bite them in the ass.
Then something else happens and it changes EVERYTHING
I will say right now that it is NOT cheating, I know how some people are about that.

So in keeping with the theme these days, yes sadly this book does have a cliff hanger. My kindle decided it wasn’t going to tell me the percentage that I was up too so it snuck up on me too! Grr.

So yes I will def be reading the next as I need to know more about these two crazy in love kids.

It’s written in Roxy’s POV majority of the time, Kade does have a few chapters here and there and I felt it really added to the story to know what he was thinking.

So what was the part I didn’t like?
Sometimes it was so goddamn cutesy, and sickly sweet…
You know how usually you get to a part of the book and it’s time for the epic confession of love that will leave you swooning?
Well we get those… we get those a lot…
And then there is not a lot that happens for a little while. Then another Epic love confession. Then not a lot. Then some sex. Then more confession then we are back in the story.

I completely understand that stories need fillers to get from those parts from a-b.
In my opinion there was just a bit of “dead air” hanging out, in the middle of the book, on the way to point B.

But as I said other than that can’t really fault it.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and want the next one now please.


Aleya Michelle
Born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Married for ten years and we have 3 crazy boys, never a dull moment, always on my toes… Writing to me is a love, a passion and an escape to another world. Thank you to Abbi Glines for getting me hooked on reading, you can find me chilling out with friends, reading, writing or at the beach 🙂
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