Sweet Filthy Boy – Christina Lauren Review

OK, I’m going to admit it.. I have not read the Beautiful Bastard series!
*Please don’t hit me!*

But after reading this? I’m going too!

It was funny, and HOT LIKE OFF THE CHARTS HOT! sweet, swoony, beautiful, romantic, and just sigh… awesome…

Ansel and Mia meet in Vegas,  I know what your thinking another Vegas story! well yes, kinda it is… but it’s kinda an awesome one too!
As I was saying yes they meet in Vegas.
From the first meeting you van feel the chemistry.

One wicked drunken one night stand leads to a marriage and broken furniture.
FOR EVERYONE! not just A&M, there friends Ollie, Finn, Lola and Harlow get married as well.

As Lola, Harlow, Ollie and Finn go and get annulments.

Ansel and Mia decide not too.

Mia returns home to her tyrant of a Father and the life she doesn’t want to lead.
On an impulse she does what Ansel wants and takes off to Paris for the summer.

Will their marriage survive?

Well yes it does.. I need to point out as although this is #1 in a series
IT IS NOT A TRILOGY!  seriously I’m doing a happy dance right now. I’m sick of trilogy’s right now!

So as I said at the start of this. I haven’t read Christina’s other books. but after lolling, and swooning as much as I did in this book I definitely will be! Trust me. Read this.


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