driven by K.Bromberg

So as usual I saw everyone reading this and I got jealous and wanted to read it too…
Oh and also cos of the pretty cover!!

But then I found it was a trilogy with a cliffhanger so I was all like ppfftt I’m not falling for that trick! I’ll wait….

I read wayyyyy to emotionally charged books so I was all like.. man I need some sex…
 photo panties_zps71a1973c.gif

“Goodreads come at me with an alpha”, and I remembered the delicious Colton Donovan that everyone was talking about it..
So I took the plunge!!


ANYONE know who’s me, knows that “Jerky Assholes” are my fav’s! The cockier the better…
 photo swooning_zpsb376bf8c.png

(except Jack from the avoiding series. Team Ramsey here!)

Rylee and Colton meet at a charity ball.
She literally falls for him..
(No bullshit she legit falls out of a cupboard into his arms!)

and then they start macking out like a pair of teenagers until she comes to her senses and tells him no…

Only.. No-one tells Colton Donovan NO… he doesn’t know the word..

He makes it mission to claim her.

He decides to just treat her like he does as his other “arrangements.”
 photo justsex_zps8afbff37.gif

However she is not like all the others.
She doesn’t fit the mould.
She won’t do what she’s told.
She’s hiding something…

He’s hiding worse…

 photo shitjustgotreal_zpsb972b7ad.jpg

and then a whole lot of OMG IT’S FUCKING HOT IN HERE SEX happens…
some awesome storyline, letting us into there world more, and stuff happens that I’m not ruining and then of course

 photo suddenlyanover_zps4200721a.jpg


 photo incomingshitstorm_zpsae9a2bae.jpg

My Honest Opinion

I’m not gunna lie… it started slow for me…
after the falling out of the closet.. making out.. it just got a bit… meh… but then when it picks up? WHOA!
All written from Rylee’s POV I WISH I knew what was going on in Colton’s head!

I also wish I could tell you what happens, but I hate it when people spoil stuff for me, so I’m not going too…

But let me just tell you! There are MASSIVE SECRETS to come.. I can feel it!

We like who we are supposed too, dislike who we are supposed. Want to cut a bitch SEVERAL times! and fall in love with the “boys”

It doesn’t hurt that K. Bromberg TOTALLY knows her way around a sex scene too..
 photo clickfalloff_zps07757c2d.gif

I can’t wait to learn more about A.C.E… AND WHAT THE FUCK IT STANDS FOR?!
Knowing my luck it will be in the last book, on the last chapter, on the last line…

anyway I’m out.. I have the next book to demolish NOW! —

Love you long time Kell


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